About Dr. Foster

Julie Mougeotte Foster, Ed.D, is an experienced educator and administrator in San Diego County. She founded JMF Consultants to fulfill her mission of helping educators, be they classroom teachers, school leaders, or district administrators. 

Dr. Foster was previously the Director of Academic Services for Banyan Tree Educational Services, a non-profit association of special-education schools and learning centers. As an executive leader of the county-wide organization, she was responsible for everything from school principalship to leadership coaching to technology administration. 

A vocal advocate of both public and private schools, Dr. Foster was a leader in the standards-referenced grading and learning support program movement in the Diocese of San Diego. With experience in primary, intermediate, and middle- and high-school classrooms, she has a wide perspective of teaching and learning. Dr. Foster is a knowledgeable and dynamic speaker who is adept at connecting with fellow teachers and building collaborative teaching teams.  

Julie received her Doctorate of Education in Interdisciplinary Leadership from Creighton University. She has a master's degree in educational leadership with an emphasis in educational technology, as well as an administrative services certificate, both from San Diego State University. She earned her multiple-subject teaching credential from San Joaquin County Office of Education's internship program, which required her to work as a full-time teacher-of-record under intense observation at a public elementary school for two years. Julie was acknowledged in her program as a top-scoring candidate in the State of California's Task Performance Analyses. 

But if you asked Julie, she would say her greatest achievements by far are her two amazing kids. Both are currently attending Chico State University, are active members of the Chico State Newman Center, and are their mom's pride and joy!