Skills or content? Performance or points? These don’t have to be either/or propositions. Given the right infrastructure of mindset, technological tools, and professional development, we can find the right balance for your school community. It starts with teachers.

Teachers are better able to transition to a standards-based mindset when they are provided with professional development that effectively lays out the philosophy behind it. Coupled with practical exercises and opportunities to collaborate, teachers will see the vast benefits of standards-based assessment and reporting and will begin to embrace its philosophy and practice.

Parents and students benefit when teachers are able to succinctly articulate their school's standards-based grading policy. By providing professional development, administrators are empowering their teachers to educate parents and effectively motivate students. The end result is improved student learning, which is what all parents and educators want.

The mindset shift from points to performance can be a challenging transition for a school culture. Our principal consultant, Dr. Julie Mougeotte Foster, was at the forefront of this transition in the Diocese of San Diego, serving as a leader in the diocesan-wide standards-based report card pilot and providing professional development to teachers. She is ready to come help your school on its journey to standards-based assessment and reporting.