Schools across the country are  reducing their number of  "resource" or "special ed" classes and are instead moving to a co-teaching model wherein teachers with special education credentials push into classrooms to help students with special needs succeed in a general education classroom. Known as "inclusion," this practice has been required of public schools for decades, though its form has changed over the years. 

Let’s be honest… just like every teacher is a literacy teacher, in practice, every teacher needs to be a special-education teacher. But we don’t all have the time or the inclination to go get our special-education credentials. That doesn’t mean general education teachers are incapable of serving all of our students, regardless of their categorization as SpEd, ELL, or just “low.” 

With the right tools, every teacher can make adaptations designed to meet the needs of their diverse populations of learners. We can help your teaching staff meet those needs by adding tools to their educational toolboxes. 

Don’t let the demands of an increasingly individualized learner population burn out your teachers. Give them the tools they need to succeed in an otherwise overwhelming teaching environment.